Shape2Earth for MapWindow GIS

Shape2Earth for MapWindow GIS provides easy to use, poweful tools, for converting shapefiles into professionaly cartographically rendered KML.

Powerful Tools for Exporting Shapefiles to KML

Shape2Earth for MapWindow GIS makes it easy to:

  1. Convert Shapefiles to KML - Organize and prepare your shapefile for presentation in MapWindow GIS, and then export the data into Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for distributing and viewing in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  2. Apply Thematic Symbology to Your Data - Use  MapWindow GIS to thematically map your data using a 'Single Symbol', 'Unique Values', 'Equal Breaks', or a 'Continuous Ramp'. 
  3. Create Quick Google Earth Overlays - Convert your carographic map in MapWindow GIS into a image overlay for viewing in Google Earth. 

Shape2Earth is the easiest and cheapest way to convert GIS data into Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for viewing in Google Earth!

Using Shape2Earth for MapWindow GIS

Download and install the bundled Shape2Earth with MapWindow GIS to start converting shapefiles to KML.

Shape2Earth for MapWindow GIS

See how quick and easy it is to turn a shapefile into compelling information in Google Earth.

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Shape2Earth for MapWindow

How to export only the selected features in a shapefile.

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